REFLECTION  (Day 1 of 7)

Normally I’d do a week of reflection on the past three concepts, but as we’re ending the year, I thought I’d do some general reflection.

The information you consume each day is the soil from which your future thoughts are grown. James Clear

As you leave 2023 and go into 2024, give some thought to what you “consume.” What you expose yourself to, impacts what you think about and then what you do. Has your daily walk been marriage-friendly or has it put up a few roadblocks to friendship, intimacy, and fun with your sweetie?

file folders for 2023 and 2024

Use the exchange of years to examine your lifestyle choices and build a world that will support your marriage in a healthier way. Think back to those things that helped you focus on your marriage. Can you make those things a regular habit? Can you talk through any hurtful things with your spouse and try another option?

What do you need to add to your life to help you build your marriage? What do you need to remove?


One of my self-care goals is to be more creative. All work and no play makes Lori a dull girl. I’m not looking to spend my days painting masterpieces. I’m just working more creativity and play into my days.

ribbon star ornament

Here’s a simple ornament I made. It’s normally done with strips of fabric, but these are made with ribbon from Dollar Tree.


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