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Our three concepts to consider:

stewardship – He’s the boss
take action – because love does
be God-dependent – be a branch on the Vine

More stewardship thoughts …

God is the boss of my home. What He wants for my home might be different from what I want. He may not care about the mess on the coffee table and be more concerned about my response to an interruption from the grandkids.

messy coffee table

I’m not saying that messes can’t be cleaned up, just that God seems to be more concerned about loving on folks.

When I take the same concept and really lay it over my marriage, I’m sad to say, I haven’t always been on the same page with God. My family-of-origin and cultural values got in there first and shaped how I saw marriage. Renewing my mind and agreeing with God are big deals.

Where do your marriage standards come from?

Recently I mentioned being wise with our tech use. Someone suggested Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport. Since Newport has written a number of good books, I don’t mind recommending it. But as with anything, please do keep your brain in gear and adopt those things that will work for you.


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