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Our three concepts to practice this week:

MAKE PEACE – Reduce the tension in your relationships.
HONOR OTHERS – Show a little respect.
WATCH YOUR TONE OF VOICE – It makes a difference!

I think this might be an “honor others” week for me. I’m enjoying taking the time to really get to know folks and then looking for ways to show them honor. It’s a great way to encourage them.

wife caring for hardworking husband

A part of honoring people is showing and speaking gratitude for what they do. I witnessed a friend speaking gratitude for some work her husband had done around their home. She was honoring his hard work and willingness to serve their family. It was right and good to honor him that way.

Where are you working this week? What are you learning?

Today’s my birthday!  🙂  I get to celebrate for a whole month!

birthday dog

Just a reminder: In your 50s, you get to celebrate for a whole week. In your 60s, you get to celebrate for a whole month. Starting at 70, it’s party all the time. (Also, having a longer period of time to celebrate takes the pressure off of folks. Gifts and cards come in whenever. I have coffee or lunch with friends whenever. It’s a great way to spread the fun out.)


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