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Our three concepts for review this week:

BE PATIENT – more understanding, less annoyance
BE KIND – add considerate and helpful too
NO ENVY & BOASTING – Ew! Dump them!

The more I study and practice patience, the more I am challenged.

For me, it’s mostly it’s about differences (working with others doing life differently or at a different pace) and interruptions (pause and listen).

I’m trying to watch my level of irritation. When I’m in line at the store, can I be content and friendly to others in the line? When my sweetie interrupts to get my help on something, can I have a good attitude? When a project doesn’t move forward as fast as I’d like, can I squash the fussiness?

woman balancing on log

I would like to mention there is a balance here. I have grandsons who will interrupt a bazillion times an hour if we let them. We give them ample time, but sometimes we hug them and send them back outside because we are working. Being patient does not mean being a total doormat. It just means we’re growing a better attitude about being available to others and dealing with the storms of life.


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