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When you want to keep an eye on how balanced your time use is, I find a life wheel* to be a good tool.

There are a billion variations, but basically you are labeling the various relationships and activities of your life on a pie chart and periodically checking in to see how you’re doing.

life wheel diagram

This image is a common one, but you can create your own areas (and you don’t really need a wheel). The idea is to create something that will remind you to be intentional about your time use and know where you are putting your efforts.

Love Does book

I’ve also found the book Love Does by Bob Goff to be an encouraging book. He is absolutely crazy (my favorite kind of person) and he does the most outrageous things as an expression of love. Because love without action doesn’t really speak love to others.

* The “life wheel” is a time use tool. It’s not related to the “wheel of life” which is a Buddhist view of the universe.


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