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Our three concepts:

regular prayer – invite God into your marriage
remember the good – be grateful for the good in your spouse
value others – see your spouse’s needs as important

Years ago, my husband came up with this prompt for praying for your spouse.

days of the week

It’s a simple tool that can help you remember to pray daily (and if you forget, it’s easy to jump back in). Each day of the week has its own focus.

Sunday – pray for his Spiritual walk
Monday – pray for his Moods and Mental health
Tuesday – pray for his Thought life
Wednesday – pray for his Weaknesses to be healed
Thursday – pray for his Time usage
Friday – pray for his Friendships
Saturday – pray for his Sexuality

And really, you could assign any prayer need to any particular day. The idea is to have a pattern to fall into and remember easily.

Yay, Tractor Supply! They’ve started getting their spring chicks and we managed to snap up a dozen Plymouth Barred Rock chicks (they’re mild-tempered dual-purpose chickens).

a dozen chicks

I removed the heat plate to take the picture. They’ll be there for a few days and then moved to a larger brooder in our bird barn.


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