This week’s concept is a bit multifaceted.

So put away … all deceit …  1 Peter 2:1 ESV

woman crossing fingers behind her back

Deceit isn’t “just lying.” It’s any kind of falsehood or misrepresentation of the truth.

You can tell a full-on lie or a partial lie (with some truth mixed in). You can tell part of the truth (leaving some out) or remain silent and let your spouse think what they want (and you know they will get something other than the full truth).

Spend the day thinking about the nuances of deceit and truth-telling.

I was reminded of Abraham, who told a king that his wife was his sister. Yes, she was his half-sister, but she was his wife as well. Leaving that out created quite a bit of trouble!

Then there was Abigail, who waited until her husband was sober and told him the whole truth, simply and well. A couple of lessons here – the importance of telling the whole truth and wisdom in picking the when and where of it.


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