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Our three concepts to practice this week:

MAKE PEACE – Reduce the tension in your relationships.
HONOR OTHERS – Show a little respect.
WATCH YOUR TONE OF VOICE – It makes a difference!

Since I’ve focused more on “honoring others” and “watching your tone of voice” this week, let me just nudge you a bit on “making peace.”

I don’t think you have to be ultra calm and not exciting to make peace.

bored man

You can have all the noisy, crazy fun you want and still have peace. Peace is about reducing contention and building harmony in your relationships.

Where do you struggle with your spouse in your differences? Can you “trial and error” a few solutions? (Be sure to celebrate those areas where you have worked through issues. Remind yourselves that problems can be fixed.)

I live on ten acres with extended family. Linda, the other MIL, has green fingers, thumbs, and toes.


Here she has some forget-me-nots growing in a little nook. They were a gift from Sarah (we’re related by marriage, not exactly sure how). Love those dainty little blue flowers. 


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