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Unforgiveness makes us grumpy and bitter. It’s hard to be grateful when you’re angry about something. Time to hang with God and work through the difficult issue.

Sometimes envy is an issue. You want what you don’t have, so it’s hard to be grateful for what you do have. Talk to God about what He has provided and ask him to help you learn to be content.

Mostly, though, I think gratitude is just about building the habit. There is really so much that is good about life, so much to be grateful for.

gratitude journal

Years ago, I made a spot in my bullet journal to list one thing each day that I was grateful for. Another time it was three items each day in a personal journal. (I think gratitude journals make great gifts too! One Christmas I made gratitude journals for stocking stuffers. Small Dollar Tree calendar books have just enough room to write a little something each day. A “Gratitude Journal” sticker on the front makes it pretty.)

What stalls out gratitude in your life? What would help you nudge your gratitude skills up a notch?


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