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Our three concepts …

Steadfast self-control – let’s keep on keepin’ on.
Oneness – building an exclusive family culture with your spouse.
Preparation – a tool for smoother living

Pause a moment and ask God to teach you about staying strong in your healthy habits, especially those that impact your marriage.

Habits and routines can help you remain steadfast in those important places in your life. And it’s amazing how the small things can matter.

eggnog on grocery shelf

Paul makes me coffee every morning (that we are home) and I keep the bedroom tidy. It doesn’t sound terribly important, but how sweet it is to have him hand me a hot cup of coffee with eggnog as a creamer (it just hit the shelves in Washington state) or be able to end the day by climbing into a comfortable bed in a calm atmosphere.

What little things do you do for your spouse that could become a nurturing habit?


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