(Need to start at the beginning? Day 1)

OK, folks, let’s give it another day of pursuing peace.

Continually pursue peace with everyone … Hebrews 12:14a AMP

Look specifically at your marriage and ways you can create a safe, kind place to discuss differences or areas of tension.

It’s amazing how a small change in tone of voice can help people calm down. Asking questions or suggesting a period of brainstorming is also helpful. It lets folks know that their perspective is valued.


The other thing I thought of, was a test period. When you’re working through a tense issue with someone, solutions don’t have to be made in stone. Suggest trying a new solution for a few days or a week or two. Then examine and consider fine-tuning your solution or trying something else. Trial and error has its place.

The little ladybug rock was painted for me by my grandson (mom did the finishing touches).

ladybug rock and chives

I bought some Dollar Tree stackables for my herbs and, though they are a little small, they do the job. (My chives are blooming.)


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