Pelvic Floor Strong

I’ve always done well about doing Kegel exercises to keep the girl bits in good order. However, at 65 and just having had a hysterectomy with weeks of downtime, I was a bit concerned. I ran across an ad for Pelvic Floor Strong (link) on Facebook and clicked on it out of curiosity.

It really sounded good, but I’m leery of ads, so I did the research to check it out. I read all kinds of reviews and anything I could get on this particular system. It sounded out well and it was fairly inexpensive, so I thought I’d give it a chance. ???

I was a little curious about the three exercises that are the core of the program and when I watched the video (I’ll be honest) I thought it was way too simplistic and no way would it work. However, I had promised myself I would work the program and give it every chance.

Well, at two weeks, I knew it was having an effect. Even my husband noticed.

I felt like I had gained lost ground and there was the lovely surprise of some sexual improvement as well (turns out your PCs can be too tight as well as too loose).

I’m still rather amazed that three simple exercises can make such a huge difference, but I’m sold. I encourage y’all to watch the videos, do the research, and consider investing in your body’s wellbeing.

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