reflection & practice
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These are our three concepts to consider and practice this week.

ASSUME GOOD – Most folk are good-hearted.
SACRIFICE FOR OTHERS – It’s a Kingdom thing.
SPEAK BLESSINGS – Don’t mix them in with cursing!

Where will you focus today?

I have a friend who has a mom with special eating needs (very difficult ones, actually). I was so impressed my friend was aware and made sure she always had something her mom could eat when she visited (and usually very cool, interesting food too!). When she told me about it, there was such care in her voice.


It was a sacrifice of her time and effort to meet her mom at that point of need.

I’m going to think about the needs of my spouse and others. What can I do to respond to their needs? What can you do to respond to the needs of your sweetie?

WooHoo! I found some color on the raspberries.

ripe raspberry

Won’t be long till I’m tired of picking them. (They tend to come on all at once until you think you are drowning in them.) I try not to complain because they freeze well and they are a lovely treat to have the rest of the year.


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