FIRST TRY  (Day 3 of 7)
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Pick an area of your marriage and see if you can make it better with a little preparation.

Let’s pick something like growing as a lover as an example.

What can you do, starting in your bedroom, to make sex easier and better? Have a regular laundry day so that your sheets are nice and clean. (Do you need pretty new sheets?) What do you need for love making? Small cleanup towels, lube, or an egg vibrator? (Get a lock box if you have nosey kids.)

stack of small towels

Can you make your bedroom a special place for the two of you? (Maybe move your office space to another room.) The idea is to have a special place and all the items you might need on hand. You’re prepared and ready to go.

Then consider your overall sexual health. Get regular checkups, sleep well, eat healthy, and exercise, so you feel good and able to be sexual. Ladies, don’t forget pelvic floor health (here’s a program I like – Pelvic Floor Strong). Having babies and aging can be tough on your body.

All of these things and more can be done as preparation so that making love is easier. No looking for the lube last minute or being distracted by something on your desk.


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