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Have you ever had an ongoing irritation that caused fussiness between you and your spouse?

May I encourage you to think practical.

I have some friends who struggle with their kids not quite closing the gate on some of their livestock. Talk about irritating. Chasing cows or chickens is not really fun (though at times amusing). So how to fix this problem? Get self-closing hinges/latches for your gates!

open gate

I mentioned that I snore. I have tried different things over the years, but nothing worked very well. Recently I came across the ZQuiet anti-snoring mouthpiece and it works for me. Certainly something to try if snoring is an issue for you or your spouse.

The moral of all this rambling is that practical fixes to ongoing annoyances can take a bit of the friction out of life and your marriage. Brainstorm solutions and keep trying until you remove or reduce the problem.

What small things annoy you or your spouse? How could you fix them?

Each spring we get ducklings on our pond.

mom and baby ducks

There are 10 little ones this time (three are hiding down low behind the grass).


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