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So what makes it difficult for you to make time for God?

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.  Colossians 4:2 NIV

I get distracted.

It’s kind of embarrassing how distracted I can get sometimes. I start talking to God and, the next thing I know, I’ve made a shopping list or I’m filling the empty cat food bowl.

cat food bowl

I don’t think God is terribly upset with that (I’m sure He has some good laughs over it). He knows me and I generally get back around to talking to Him. 🙂

There was also that time God didn’t answer a prayer of mine the way I wanted Him to. It was important to me and it really hurt when he said no. I didn’t talk to God much for a while. Oh, I said good morning and such, but I didn’t talk to Him about anything that was too important. I needed to heal the hurt and own that God’s wisdom is higher than mine.  He’s not a sugar daddy. He’s a wise and loving Father.

Sometimes when I mess up, I have a hard time approaching God. I’m doing better about running to Him, but it’s still kind of embarrassing. Geesh, God, I messed up … again. <sigh>

When it comes to praying for others, our feelings can get in the way. (One of the ways I know I’ve truly forgiven someone is when I can pray for blessing for them.)

What puts distance between you and God? What makes it hard to make time in your day for Him?


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