FIRST TRY – BE PATIENT  (Day 3 of 7)
(Need to start at the beginningDay 1)

Let’s start our day with a bit of prayer and self-talk.

Love is patient …  1 Corinthians 13:4a ESV

Patience is a fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22-23), so it is something that God works in us.

Talk to God first thing and ask Him to continue to grow patience in you. Ask Him to calm your heart and help you love on people in difficult or stressful moments.

(I have heard it said, that praying for patience is dangerous. I’m thinkin’ difficult people and situations are going to happen anyway and I’d rather stand with God than stand alone. So, I’m prayin’.)

patience loading symbol

The self-talk part is acknowledging that you are agreeing with God and practicing what He puts on your heart. Stay aware and look for those moments where you are tempted to be impatient (angry, upset, annoyed, or anxious).

Pause, pray, consider how to speak more kindly (if at all).

Learn from your successes and failures. Yes, I said failures. It one of those sad realities. We will fail, but that is not a reason to stop. It’s a reason to learn from the mistake and try again. Learning is messy business. It’s in the day-to-day practice that we get somewhere.

Y’all, God is so funny. As I’m writing this week, one of my grandsons is going through a difficult (and hopefully very short) stage where he is all drama (I probably should have typed that last word in all caps). I’m doing fairly well, but Paul is really rocking it and I’m learning by watching. He gets down on our grandson’s level, listens well, and then makes him laugh.


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