REFLECTION  (Day 5 of 7)
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How are y’all doing? I’d love to hear your thoughts or stories of your work in progress.

Persevere – ’cause baby steps will get you there!
Don’t insist on your own way – others need a say too.
Deal with your own stuff first – it’s a maturity thing.

I’m still plugging away at looking at my own stuff any time I’m irritated by something or someone.

That’s everything from cleaning up my own messes to being more thoughtful when I interrupt someone to listening to others more carefully to listening to my own tone of voice … ad infinitum.

interrupted word on brick wall

It’s amazing how all the little irritations interrupt my day and how I am often guilty of the same thing, in one way or another. I definitely need to learn from this, and I need to continue to ask God to soften my heart toward others.


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