CONCLUSIONS  (Day 7 of 7)
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In looking at this verse this week, I tried to think of it in light of my sweetie.

Whoever is slack in his work is a brother to him who destroys. Proverbs 18:9 ESV

What are those things that I don’t do or don’t do well regularly that impact my husband negatively.

I tend to do more housework (and Paul tends to do more outside work) so I did a run through of our house in my mind.

messy kitchen

I struggle to keep the kitchen functional some days (we have a small kitchen and when it’s messy, it really gums up the function of the home). Important papers aren’t as orderly as they could be. I even thought of things like our bathroom medicine cabinet. Do we have what we need for simple care and health issues?

Relationally, I thought I might do better in conversation and inviting my sweetie to do fun things. Paul is a talker and a party waiting to happen, so it’s easy to slack off and let him do all the work.

I do need to continue to watch over my life and keep some working margin. The work/play/rest balance is huge for me in being able to stay healthy and have the energy to love on folks.

What are your thoughts? What did you learn? We’re you able to make some good changes?


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