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I’ve been reading the New Morning Mercies devotional and a recent post said:

In [our] inner discussion, we’re always talking about God, life, others, and ourselves, and the things we say to ourselves are very important because they are formative of the things we desire, choose, say, and do.

I think I’m going to park on this for a few days because it plays so well into our weekly concept. What we think about frames our reality and that’s where we live.

God is Good sign in front of home

If we are remembering and thinking about the good that comes from God and others, it will shape how we do life in a good way. (I’m not telling you to ignore the bad, certainly that needs to be addressed. It’s just that we can choose to major on the lovely.)

So today, examine your history. How easy is it for you to dwell on the good things of God? How easy is it to see good in others? How easy is it to remember why you married your spouse?


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