Today is a day of introspection. How respectful are you of your spouse?

A thought to consider. There is positional respect (respect due to the position a person holds in your life) and there is respect that naturally happens when someone is or does that which you admire. I think both kinds are important.

respect written on wall

My personal thought is your spouse deserves positional respect because you chose to make them your spouse. They fill that role by your choice. Treat them respectfully.

Additionally, there are things you love about them and you can show respect over those things. They are amazing people. Treat them with honor and consideration.

My other concern is that disrespect is a relationship breaker. When your spouse does something you dislike, you can still speak to them respectfully and stand on personal boundaries respectfully.

We don’t have to be rude or snarky. We can be respectful because that’s the kind of person we choose to be.


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