How did your kindness experiment go yesterday? What did you learn?

Was there anything that made it more difficult to be kind?

Early in my marriage when I started practicing generosity, I was fearful that I would do all this good stuff and wind up exhausted and empty. Turns out, generosity is a dynamic of God’s kingdom and you can’t out-generous God. 🙂 The more I leaned into generosity, the more I experienced His goodness toward me.

Well, generosity and kindness are kissin’ cousins. So the same applies. 🙂 I just need to remind myself of that on occasion.

Chronic busyness is something I watch out for. I have to have a certain level of energy to be kind. I also tend to be rather focused, so I lose sight of people when I’m working. For me, this is about choosing a sane work level and having work hours.

And there are times when my kindness is based more on how my sweetie treats me (which is totally understandable and human), but I need to be kind because that’s the sort of person I want to be, my personal choice of behavior.

What kind of choices do you need to make to make kindness easier for you?


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