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Our three concepts to review this week …

Be open to guidance.
Be a steward.
Be a servant.

Some thoughts on being a servant.

You can’t really serve unless you see or hear about the need.

That’s a bit tough in our busy culture, but you can talk to your spouse and friends and ask them to help you see the needs.

shovel in a pile of sand

Paul and I talk about it throughout our day.

“Paul, I think Linda needs some help moving that pile of sand.”
“M1 (our grandson) is starting Homelink again, can we play chauffeur again this year?”
“Joan just moved into Hospice care. Is there something we can do?

A part of it is that we need to be reminded about the needs of those around us, but also we are encouraging each other to serve and giving each other permission to do so.

If you need it, I hereby give you permission to serve others. 🙂


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