FIRST TRY  (Day 3 of 7)
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Let’s look at our day through the lens of being a servant.

Think practical and ask questions if you don’t know what folks need.

My sweetie and I have been talking about projects we want to get done before snow. He asked me, “Is there anything you need from me?” It was a perfect question because there are a couple of things that I want to do that require a bit of male strength to get done.

heavy gardening chores

Some of what people might want from you is less tangible, like they might need you to listen to them while they wrestle through a tough choice, or they might just need for you to come with them when they face something difficult. They might need a hug or some quiet space for an hour (not doing something can be serving as well).

Take the day and look for opportunities to serve your spouse and others. Also keep an eye on your heart. How does serving others impact you?


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