(Need to start at the beginning? Day 1)

I’m taking some time today to think about sin. (What’s your focus for the day?)

SET DOWN SIN – Don’t want that weight!
BE A GOOD FRIEND – Hugs and prayers.
DON’T ASSUME – Ask questions instead.

I was momentarily cranky this morning. I caught it and stopped. Yes, I was dealing with Etsy store settings (not an excuse, but it gives context), but my sweet husband didn’t deserve the cranky attitude.

frustrated woman at computer

I apologized and changed my tone of voice. Then I had to deal with my heart attitude (sin). I had to offer grace to the Etsy people who design and work within the system. I’m laughing as I type this. Goodness, how silly to get grumpy over that. Love is patient after all.

(I offered a little grace to myself too. Not a bad thing to carry into your day regardless of where y’all are putting your focus today.)


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