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Back in the day, most Christians didn’t talk about sex much. Over the years, however, Paul and I have seen a number of solid Christian ministries develop, and we are happy to recommend them. (I do also wish to remind you that just because something is shared on the web, doesn’t make it automatically true. Please do keep your brain in gear when reading or listening. Not everyone shares wisdom and truth.)

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Here are my top picks of ministries I trust.

A solid biblical resource is Awaken Love. Ruth Buezis has a book and a number of classes available. All of them are Bible-focused and amazingly encouraging. She’s at the top of my list if you are looking for a course, especially if you are struggling.

If you are looking for a blog or podcast to follow, try one of these. They are Christian resources focused on healthy sexuality.

Sex Chat for Christian Wives podcast
Knowing Her Sexually blog & podcast
Hot, Holy and Humorous blog
Intimacy in Marriage blog
Honeycomb & Spice blog
Authentic Intimacy blog & podcast

If you know of other good sexuality ministry resources, please share in the comments.


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