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The other day, Paul and I had one of those hit-the-ground-running mornings. We piled in the car and drove back roads to a feed store on the way to more errands. I’m so not a morning person, but I caught this amazing sight and managed to croak out, “Paul, stop!”

We backed up and Paul took a couple of pictures from a good distance (because wild animals are wild and not safe).

huge herd of elk

It’s hard to see, but this was a huge herd of elk. I knew they were in the area, but had yet to see them. There were well over 100, just chillin’ in a farmer’s field (the biggest ones can weigh over a thousand pounds).

herd of elk

We’ve talked about it for days, and I put a few sentences in my journal about it. I’m hoping this shared experience becomes one of those sweet remembered moments. (We still talk about the lynx and absolutely huge owl we saw a few years back.)

All this to say, it doesn’t take monumental effort to form a good memory. A simple moment of shared beauty can be enough.


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