RESOURCES  (Day 6 of 7)
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Resources for your particular area of growth will run the gamut, but I think one of the more truly solid helps is having an accountability partner.

Being a steward requires ongoing learning and practice. Having someone to walk with you would be an amazing help. I don’t think it’s important that your accountability partner has to be skilled in your area of practice (though it would be nice). It’s just about being there, asking the right questions, and reminding you to stay on track.

How are you doing with ___?
What do you need to practice this week?
How can I pray for you?

friends having coffee

I have a friend I meet with weekly for coffee. We share life, but we are also not afraid to ask a hard question or two. (And, just as a consideration, pick someone who will keep your confidences and offer grace in the journey.)


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