ROAD BLOCKS  (Day 4 of 7)
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My biggest issue is distraction.

… do not grow weary in doing good.  2 Thessalonians 3:13b  ESV

I picked gentleness and I think I need to affix a sticky note with the word gentleness on my forehead (and on my computer screen and on my kitchen sink and …).

wife reaching for sticky note

Some serious other roadblocks can be busyness and discouragement.

Too heavy a load can wear you out and leave you without the time and energy you need to pursue change.

Discouragement comes in many flavors, but the most common comes if you’re not getting the results you want. It seems like you’re putting out a lot of effort for little response from others.

I would encourage you to look at it a little differently. Any changes are about becoming the kind of person you want to be, rather than about affecting certain results. Good responses will eventually come, but that’s secondary to becoming a person of character and integrity.

If you are experiencing a lot of difficulty in practicing some of these concepts, I would encourage you to seek out a mentor or friend. I meet with a friend weekly and it’s one of the best helps I know. Aside from enjoying the great friendship, we encourage each other, pray for each other, ask the hard questions, and act as a sounding board.


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