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These are our three concepts to consider and practice this week.

ASSUME GOOD – Most folk are good-hearted.
SACRIFICE FOR OTHERS – It’s a Kingdom thing.
SPEAK BLESSINGS – Don’t mix them in with cursing!

Where will you focus today?

Sometimes I’m not as thoughtful as I’d like to be. I get busy and any thought of service to others sits on a back burner while I feed the quail, do the bookkeeping, or scrub down the bathroom.

I was reading Atomic Habits earlier this year and the author, James Clear, said to learn a new habit, tack it onto an old habit that is well established.

Doing Marriage Well: Items Mentioned in the Blog

So when I go to get myself a glass of water, I get one for Paul. When I go shopping, I try to check my phone in case someone from the property needs me to pick up something in town.

These are small habits, but I figure they will add up over time and continue to help me exercise my service/sacrifice muscles.

What helps you develop a service/sacrifice mindset?

I’ve been thinking about the concept of a lighthouse lately.


It’s sort of the light-of-the-world thing. People will be drawn to the light in the darkest storm. Am I being a good light? Can I share the true Light well? I need more thought on this one.


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