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I was working in the yard and had to go back in for some plants. Then I had to go back to my work area and grab a tool. Then I realized I needed a bucket. I don’t know how many trips I made, but it was far more than I would have liked.

garden tools

I actually do know better. Preparedness is a time and sanity saver. If I had just paused and thought it through, I would have taken far fewer trips and saved myself some energy.

I’ve actually been trying to spend time each Sunday to think through my week and be a bit more prepared. It’s amazing how fewer things get missed, and how I have what I need on hand when I do that.

It’s better to prepare than repair.  John C Maxwell

If you find yourself floundering around a bit, pause and give preparedness some thought. It really does save a lot of time and hassle.

I was wandering a thrift store waiting for a friend and I found a really sweet throw for my couch.

textured throw

I love soft throws with nice texture. They just feel so comfortable and homey. I’ll wash it and tuck it away with my other throws. Come this fall, I have some pretty things to bring out and make my home more warm and welcoming.


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Image credits – garden tools © Jana V. M. / Pixabay, throw © Victoria Berman / Unsplash
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