REFLECTION  (Day 4 of 7)
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Our three areas of reflection this week.

PRAYER – ‘Cause we so need His help.
SEX – Receive God’s good gift for married folk.
PEACE MAKING – Bring peace wherever you go.

A bit of a story here …

A while back I had a hysterectomy (benign tumor). My surgeon said my pelvic floor was in good shape (yay, Kegel exercises!), but after several weeks of downtime after surgery I felt I was losing a bit of ground.

I took a chance on an ad for a pelvic floor exercise program. Honestly, when I downloaded it all I thought for sure I’d fallen for a minor scam, but I had promised myself I would work the program, and so I did.

Two weeks later, I was pleasantly surprised at a real sense of regained ground and, bigger surprise, there was a bit of sexual improvement (my husband even noticed the change).  🙂

I tell this story (pardon the TMI) so that y’all will consider taking care of your body in light of sexual function. Get good sleep, eat healthy, exercise, etc. It’s all good for quality of life, including being able to move well for sex.

Exercising your pelvic floor muscles is also a good call, especially after babies or as we age (don’t you just hate the leaky thing). Do a bit of research and find something that works for you.

happy fit wife

Here’s the program I signed on for. It’s fairly inexpensive and rests on three simple exercises (OK, two, the third one takes a bit of coordination). You do each exercise for one minute every day (or two). That’s it. Three exercises. Three minutes. (Yes, I know, it sounds too simple.)

Pelvic Floor Strong

There’s a bit more to the program, if you want (dealing with Diastasis Recti and general overall core health). I really liked how the PC muscles were treated within the whole pelvic floor and as part of a whole core system, rather than focusing only on the PC muscles.

I am going to spend more time looking at the entire program (who doesn’t want a flat tummy?) and there are a couple of freebie downloads and some product to explore. I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences if you try the same program.

Stay healthy, so you can enjoy sex for a lifetime. 🙂


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