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Here are our three concepts:

stewardship – He’s the boss
take action – because love does
be God-dependent – be a branch on the Vine

Over the last few weeks, I’ve come to realize I’m stuck in the past.

I talk with God about something and act on it … and then it’s set in stone. Little room for changes in life, in seasons, or in situations. I “know” what God wants and I do it. And I keep doing it.

Now, some of that is not bad. God wants me in His Word. I do it and I keep doing it.

However, people change. Seasons change.

autumn leaf with heart cutout

I change, my sweetie changes, and loving on him needs to change with it. I’ve been doing a lot of things by rote. I’m trying to consider what love might look in this season of our lives.

Love does, but it’s nicer if the expression of love is more current. 🙂


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