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Paul and I were talking about sacrifice on the way into town. He thinks “sacrifice” is a poor word choice for our culture. It has developed some super negative connotations with a twist and turn or two. He likes treating others “preferentially” instead.

I say, hey, if that works for you, go for it. 🙂

The general idea is putting others first sometimes (which can cost you personally, a sacrifice). Which pretty much brings us to selfishness as one of the greater roadblocks. And, truly, I get wanting to do everything the way we want to, but I think life would get pretty boring. Differences add flavor to life. My life would be so much different (and less interesting) if I didn’t make room for Paul and his wishes too.

lead, serve, love road signs

Also, I think we have a way of thinking that serving others somehow makes us less important or less valued. That can be a hard pill to swallow. It helps to know that Jesus calls those who want to be great to act as servants. There is some kind of surprising blessing that comes along when we chose to step down and lift others up.

I’ve been giving thought to Jesus’ sacrifice and service over the last couple of days. It does put things in perspective.

Pretty picture day.


Even the simplest of things can have great beauty.


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