REFLECTION   (Day 7 of 7)
(Need to start at the beginning? Day 1)

Our three areas of reflection this week.

BE A SAFE PLACE – so your spouse can trust in you.
REST – get enough rest, take care of your heart, mind, and soul.
WORK – be intentional about where you spend your time and effort.

Interesting week for me.

I spent a good deal of time thinking about being a safe place for my husband. A part of that is knowing his personal wounds, his love language, his needs, his desires, etc.

I’m doing better with the rest thing and I need some work on the rest/play/work balance (I’ve gotten a bit lazy with the housework, need to deal with that).

white and purple flowers

(Just a pretty picture. Because.)

How did y’all do? What did you learn? What were your successes (however small)?


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