ROAD BLOCKS  (Day 4 of 7)
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So what’s keeping us from moments of quiet reflection?

Busyness is surely a hurdle. If you’ve built a busy life, it’s hard to change tempo and slow enough to see the need and make time.

busy husband

One unhealthy perk of busyness is not having the time to deal with the things you are avoiding. Too many things on your plate? You chose what gets addressed and what doesn’t.

Sometimes when I’m sad or hurt, I don’t want a quiet moment until I’m ready to deal with my emotions. There’s no hiding when you’re quiet and alone.

And sometimes, it’s the presence of others that make alone time a bit difficult. I encourage y’all to talk with others and develop a simple boundary or two. Get creative on options.

If you’re struggling with this concept, watch your thoughts when an opportunity for alone time comes along. What are your feelings? Thoughts? Is it easy to slip into or does it make you nervous?


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