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What keeps us from being a peacemaker?

Continually pursue peace with everyone … Hebrews 12:14a AMP

Feeling unheard can make us a bit fussier or louder, as can a sense of being treated unfairly. Generally, wanting our own way can add to the friction. Not wanting to take the time and energy to be creative and consider other options.

I’m always a bit concerned about personal boundaries. Do I speak up? Do I help? Am I overstepping my position in the situation?

I’ll own that peace making is not always an easy thing.

The Peacemaker book by Ken Sande

One resource that I am aware of is a ministry in my neck of the woods – Peacemaker Ministries. They have a number of good resources and the founder has a great book – The Peacemaker. I have that book on my Kindle. I think it’s time to reread it.

What makes it harder for you to seek peace? Where do you stumble?

I meet with a few gals once a week at a local coffee shop (that has delightful coffee specials).

amazing coffee

It’s such a sweet time of encouragement, laughter, and friendship. Please do pray for a group of friends to do life with. It’s an amazing gift. We aren’t meant to go through life alone.


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