FIRST TRY  (Day 3 of 7)
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After considering hospitality and how it has played into your home and marriage, let’s give some thought to improvement.

Show hospitality to one another without grumbling. 1 Peter 4:9 ESV

What are your spouse’s household needs and wants?

Some spouses need a bit of quiet and calm when they come home from work. How could you help make that happen.

comfortable spot on sofa

Some spouses need a bit of space in the home they can call their own. Others need certain items to make their life function easier. (I still get paperclips in my Christmas stocking, yes, there’s a story behind that).

Where are the areas of friction in your home? Where are the areas where life stumbles a bit? What can you do to help sort that out and make your home more welcoming and workable for you and your spouse?

Pick a small thing and try a solution or two. (I’m trying to find a solution for all the shoes by our front door. The issue is complicated because we have a shoelace chewing house rabbit.)


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