FIRST TRY  (Day 3 of 7)
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Look at your day and find a moment or two where you can be alone and quiet.

I totally get that this is harder in some seasons of life and you may need to fudge it a bit like have your “alone time” when you are nursing in the wee hours of the night.

The idea is to have some time alone without too much distraction and interruption. If you are really struggling with this, you might ask your spouse to run interference for you and then return the favor so you both can have a bit of alone time.

wife enjoying a moment of quiet

What you do with your alone time is unique to you, but I do encourage you to put your tech away. Thank God for His goodness, list three things you are grateful for, or go for a walk. Let this be a time of refreshment and recharge. Points for incorporating some form of beauty. Relax and soak it in.


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