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Our three concepts:

be welcoming – does your spouse feel at home?
stand with others in trouble – ’cause we all need that kind of friend
speak up – don’t let your silence speak for you

When I think of being welcoming, I tend to think of my home.

But I realized the other day that you can take a welcoming attitude anywhere you go. People need to be welcomed into your presence. They need to know they will be greeted with a smile, a hug, and a place in your attention. You can pull out a chair, bring them a drink, and offer any number of other courtesies without being in your own home.

friends sharing coffee time

I’ve seen this several times at my favorite coffee shop. Someone walks in and they are immediately invited to join in. Chairs are moved as needed with lots of hugs and words of welcome.

How can you take your welcome with you wherever you go today?


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