Today’s exercise comes with a caution and a suggestion.

If you have been chronically dishonest or there are a couple of important things you are hiding, please do not immediately jump into total honesty. Give God a chance to talk you through when and how you need to approach it. Perhaps talk to a wise friend or counselor.

In the meantime, begin to practice honesty in small ways.

uninstalling lies image

When your spouse asks you a question, answer simply and honestly.

I’ll own that it’s hard for me to talk to Paul about purchases. I might talk to him about the pants I bought (something I really needed), but not mention the pretty notebook I bought (something I wanted). Now I try to talk to him before purchases are made (we do that for most things) or share everything as I go along. No hiding.

So, today, just observe what you say and work to be honest. If your spouse does not like many words, try giving an overview and if they want more info, they can ask.

If this is an area where you really struggle, you might meet a friend weekly for coffee and ask them to remind you each week to stay honest. Accountability really helps.


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