CONCLUSIONS  (Day 7 of 7)
(Need to start at the beginningDay 1)

As I looked through scripture I saw dozens of verses that spoke to gratitude and thankfulness. It’s pretty important, I’m thinking.

My biggest effort is in creating a habit of gratitude instead of whining or at least stop mid-whine and turn it around to gratefulness. (Yes, I have to drag the garden hose around a bit, but, you know, we have amazing well water and plenty of it. I’m grateful for all the water I need.)

sticky note on daily planner

I have an “ask for wisdom” sticky note on my daily planner. I think I need a “be grateful” sticky too. 🙂

Tilly was spayed a few weeks ago and now she is an inside/outside cat. She is loving it. The bugs are in serious danger. Not so much the birds.



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