Every week I get together with a couple of ladies on the property. We talk about life and pray for each other.

Our recent conversation was about our thought life. We were all struggling with self-doubts and a bit of anxiety. We talked about the various reasons, what God says about it all, and then prayed for each other.

anxious woman

Then I opened my email and came across Shaunti Feldhahn’s article about guarding your thoughts. She talked about not fueling the negative thoughts. Sort of garbage in, garbage out. What we put into our minds has a significant impact. I love her marriage example.

Or, let’s look at a totally different topic. Are you dissatisfied with your intimate relationship with your spouse, perhaps in part because you keep watching or reading those steamy sex scenes? What might happen instead if you replace those inputs with something that honors your marriage? For example, perhaps you and your spouse watch a clean comedian together and laugh your heads off!  Shaunti Feldhahan

But this concept works across the board. Where do you struggle? What is your thought life around that? What could you tell yourself instead? It’s OK to acknowledge hard truths, but there is so much more that we can encourage ourselves with, instead of rolling down the rabbit hole of negative thoughts.

One of my trouble areas is aging. Our culture isn’t kind to older folk, and the hard truth is that your body does take a hit as you grow older. However, God’s word has a lot to say about the strengths and wisdom of us gray-haired folk, and there are plenty of biblical examples of older folks doing amazing things. I figure if I wake up breathing, God has something for me to do. 🙂  I’m doing my best to take care of my body, use the gifts and abilities God gave me, and give Him the glory for the plans He has for my life.

Have an amazing day!

Shaunti’s article: When You Hear Something that Rocks Your World, 4 Ways to Not Freak Out


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