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So how did your week go?

Be Faithful
Be Grateful
Be Inviting

I like having a spot to write what I’m grateful for in my daily planner. I see it first thing in my day and it sets the tone for being gracious and thankful to my sweetie and others I run into during the day.

I did have one really rough day and talking to myself about what I could be grateful for in the situation helped my attitude. It didn’t change the rough in my day, but I’m sure I was easier to get along with.

wedding rings on love passage in Bible

I also gave a bit of thought to faithfulness. It is a far broader topic than just not cheating sexually on my husband. Am I faithful to do him good in as many ways as I can think of?

I’m a little frustrated over the skill of inviting others. I’m surrounded by talented inviters, so I really have to work to get some inviting in. Folks always seem to beat me to the punch. I will continue to look for opportunities, but I’m not going to sweat it.


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