Our three concepts to think about and practice this week:

chose your words carefully – be a blessing
celebrate – ’cause He is good all the time
seek calm quiet moments – for reflection and enjoyment

I’m giving more thought to celebration. I just walked through the Thanksgiving holiday, and I’m facing down Christmas. What do I need to consider and do so that Christmas has more meaning and makes for a healthy, happy holiday? I’d like to give glory to God and bless those in my life.

small gift

I’m also praying about gift giving. I don’t consider myself a stellar gift giver, but can that change with prayer and practice? Yeah, I think I’ve just been lazy about something that doesn’t come easily to me.

I have some sad news to share today. I’m also asking for your prayers and giving (if you are able).

Doug Taylor passed away on November 24th. It was not expected, and everyone in the marriage blogging community is stunned. His wife Chris has been a faithful blogger and podcaster for many years, encouraging couples to grow their marriage. She is understandably grieving and facing a very new season of life.

Doug and Chris Taylor

Please pray for Chris and her family. If you are able, there is a GoFundMe account to help her to deal with medical and funeral expenses.


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