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How are y’all doing with envy?

BE PATIENT – more understanding, less annoyance
BE KIND – add considerate and helpful too
NO ENVY & BOASTING – Ew! Dump them!

I’ve never felt like I had a problem with envy, but the other day I visited a friend with a beautiful home (done in a style I adore). I confess my eyes turned a bit green.

beautiful cabin view

I had to stop and remind myself of all that I love about my home and where I live. I can enjoy the journey of fixing up our place (we are doing some remodeling) and I can love the beauty of another home and be happy for my friend.

Envy is interesting. It rests on a sense of lack and an absence of contentment. Perhaps also, wanting something without doing the work needed to get it. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting better. It’s the attitudes that are a problem.

Lord, help us all to be envy-free. Teach us more about contentment.


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