FIRST TRY  (Day 3 of 7)
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Think about your current life. Where do you need a bit of guidance?

I used to garden in Texas and when I moved to the Northwest, I had to learn a different way of gardening. My growing window was shorter and different crops grew better here.

radishes just harvested from the garden

I leaned on neighbors and friends who understood gardening in this area. And, of course, there is YouTube.  🙂

When I go mushroom hunting, I always include Linda (the other MIL). She’s been gathering mushrooms for years and has all the mushroom identifying books. I have yet to eat a bad mushroom.

In marriage, do you have a more mature happily married couple you can talk to? Have you read any good marriage books lately? What could you use in the way of guidance?

What other areas of your life could use a little guidance from others? Don’t be afraid to buddy up to folks who have more knowledge and experience. Most people are happy to share.

Build the attitude of being open to others’ experience and ideas. (You don’t have to accept everything, but it pays to listen and learn.)


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