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So how do we learn to celebrate well?

I learn a lot by observing others. So I would encourage you to look around and learn from those who do it well.

The other day, a friend of mine told me how sorry she was to miss a birthday party for her friend’s young son. So what did she do? She invited the boy out on a “hot chocolate date” to celebrate. He’s fairly young, so it was a really big deal to go with her to the local coffee shop for hot chocolate.

Now, that’s a brilliant way to celebrate (and fairly easy to do in a spontaneous way).

Christmas planner

Larger events can, and usually do, take a bit more planning, even when you hope to have simple celebrations.

There are plenty of organizers and planners but, honestly, paper and pen will do (or a doc on your computer). Just begin to take notes, pray, talk to your sweetie, whittle your notes into something do-able and then add the various to-dos and reminders to your calendar. Do leave yourself little notes to remind yourself of why you are celebrating! Remember to do the important stuff and leave the rest.

Also, as you go through the holiday season, look at how others celebrate. Hang on to any good ideas and implement them next year.


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