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What keeps us from assuming good in others?

I have a history of abuse, so it’s easy to see bad even when there is no bad. I have to work to take off my abuse-colored glasses.

colored glasses

There are good, decent (and imperfect) people all around me. I can trust God to give me wisdom and discernment. I can look for the good.

Though it does take energy and effort to make room for the possibility of good. It’s much easier to assume bad and get offended. It takes a bit of self-control too. You have to pause and reorient your thoughts, consider other options, or ask a question.

What makes it harder for you to assume good in others?

We have a chicken moat!

chickens in moat

It’s a double fence around our garden that opens into the chicken yard. The chickens wander in the moat gobbling up bugs and the double fence keeps the deer from jumping into the garden and having a snack. (Yes, the potatoes have a bit of freeze damage. We had a late freeze and the new growth got burnt. They’ll bounce back.)


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