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Our three concepts …

Steadfast self-control – let’s keep on keepin’ on.
Oneness – building an exclusive family culture with your spouse.
Preparation – a tool for smoother living

An interesting thing about preparation is that it can help shape what you want to happen.

Settlers of Catan game board

If you want more family time, set up your living/family room so that it attracts your family. Keep fun movies, jigsaw puzzles, games, and such in an easy to grab place. If you want to have regular quiet time with the Lord, gather Bible, notebook, pen, etc. and put them in a basket next to a comfortable chair.

I love having a coffee and tea center. Paul and I have regular coffee time. Guests can easily make tea and settle in for a bit of conversation.

What would you like to see more of in your life and marriage? What preparations would help make that easier?


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